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Important Instagram Marketing Strategies for Bringing More Followers June 8, 2016

The picture is the focus of interaction on Instagram and that’s what makes the social media platform a little bit difficult from the rest. While there are certain businesses that do not require giving much attention to pictures, there are some of them that have fierce competition when it comes to using Instagram marketing for promotion. Whether you are using Instagram for promoting your food blog or an independent NGO service, here are some rules that go for every business –

  • Turning Your Instagram Account into a Two-way Communication

Do not wait for free Instagram followers to begin an interaction. They will never do that unless they know you better. This will be an opportunity to market your brand services in whatever way you want to. You also give customers a chance to interact with your brand openly. For example – If your customer likes and posts a comment, do reciprocate the action with something in return. It can help you to win exposure in great amount and at the same time help in promotion.

  • Keeping the Posting Frequency Optimal

There is a particular time of the day when social media posts work the best. That is why; you need to post during peak hours when you know that your target audiences would be highly visible. You may want to post the images at a particular time of the day but try not to post the same thing again and again. This can turn out to be repelling. If you do not have time to invest then try to post at least once a day. Be sure to maintain your optimal level of posting. If you feel that the frequency of your target engagement has reached a saturation point, then you can start scaling back.

  • Pay Attention to Your Brand Identity

Even successful brands do this. Pay attention as to whether the pictures you are posting contributes successfully to the brand identity. The images should be having an overarching theme that can help to closely relate the company’s overall identity.

  • Bring Variations in Your Visual Story Telling

Images need not have the same visual story. It can be different also. For example, if you are a professional chef who is trying to build his or her own brand identity then do not stick to just the creations that happen behind-the-scene inside the kitchen. Try adding other kinds of images like travel food stories or happy hours with customers.

Starbucks for example builds its photo story background based on inspirational statements. It makes the overall social media promotion inspiring and heartwarming. There are lots of other ways in which you can bring variations in your visual story telling. All of them might not be the same.

  • Optimizing Your Brand Profile

Sometimes how you present your entire business profile can affect the way you engage your target audience. For instance, you have got to make sure that the description and the image gel properly with your brand’s identity. If you want to keep the official tone, then try using the logo somewhere in the social media profile.

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