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The pokemon go gameplay and its fever amidst the players September 27, 2016

Since the recent launch of game pokemon go it has been in news for all the right reasons. Whether it is regarding the craze within the players for being a step ahead with their friends or the zeal to catch the pokemons and fight them in the arena, the game has rightly generate a big fever in the players. It is barred of age limit and gender since many adult men can also been seeing with their smart phones on radar green hovering in the market places and parks just to get the best of the pokemons. Because everybody has seen the actual series of pokemon and no one would like to miss the chance of stepping into the shoes of Ash or Gary to fight in the arena.

The interface of pokemon go gamelplay is very simple and it would take you more than a minute to completely understand the game and how it goes for free pokeballs and free pokecoins online. You open the game, there is a radar which is pointing at you directions in which you will have to move and catch the pokemon by throwing the pokeball at the pokemon. You would have to walk or either use a bicycle but you can`t simply use a car or a bike in order to enhance the covered distances. The more you walk and c0ver distances more the number of eggs would hatch so that when you spot a pokemon spawning behind the bushy grasses or hiding near a pool you have ample number of pokeballs to catch a pokeball.

But regarding the use of your pokeballs you would have to be extra cautious since you wouldn’t get these balls at all the places.  So it goes like this. When you spot a pokemon, tap and hold the ball unless the golden ring around it comes at the right position and release the ball so that it lands on his head or nose. The pokemon initially would slide back and forth but it would eventually return but you will have to hold on the ball to catch it in the first stance. So this is a very beneficial trick for the players since a pokemon may require more than one pokeball and to catch it. To get ample number of pokeballs search for the pokemon in the parks or some open areas where there are larger number of pokestops.

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